Talk to anyone passionate about where they grew up is infectious and you want to find out more. In our case the catalyst was talking to Prof Dave Waddington of Sheffield Hallam University, who not only wrote a book about his early days in Fryston but whose research emphasised the rich history in Fryston, the community strengths and the highs and lows of a mining community. There were also the contrasts to the residents and workers lifestyle to the landowners who owned the pit and lived in Fryston Hall where they entertained noted nobility, academics, even royalty.

Charged with this interest, plans for ‘Fryston Memories’ began. With encouragement from Prof Waddington, Sheffield Hallam University, and other locals whose families came from Fryston, a journey of discovery was begun. First hand information came from surviving elderly family members and photographs and family stories and original copies of information began to surface.

The project could not have happened without a successful application to the Historic Lottery Fund and the group are grateful to them for their funding and support which has helped us buy equipment and to engage Straw Jonny Ltd. This local firm of web designers looked at the Website Outline we had created and transformed all the Data, Interviews recorded and copies of Original Photographs and Documents we had gathered, into a form where it could be put on to the website in four sections for People, Places, Events and Maps which it is hoped will inform all website visitors and researchers attracted to our site.

New houses are again being built and Fryston is expanding. The Hall and the Pit may no longer be there but the spirit, achievements and Memories from the Past are very firmly part of the Future. We hope the pictures, and information now on this site, which incidentally will be regularly added to and updated, will inform and interest all visitors. We believe it shows that the past, one to be looked back on and celebrated, and the future being created, will be a testament to the foundations our fore bearers built, and one for future generations to enjoy and be proud of.