Map of Fryston Estate 1903

This map was produced for surveyors Farebrother Ellis Co of London, to accompany the sale by auction of the Fryston Hall Sporting and Residential Estate on Friday 12th February 1904 at the Guildhall Doncaster.

The following descriptions, with reference to the map and the modern day locations, show the extent of the Fryston Estate at the time of the sale. The whole area covered some 2000 acres, encompassing Pontefract and Ferrybridge, Wheldon Lane, and Redhill, Glasshoughton and Townville. The Hall itself stood in 200 acres of landscaped gardens, and from detailed descriptions in the sale catalogue was a magnificent and impressive mansion both inside and out.

The Estate was divided for auction into 39 lots.

The largest, Lot 1 (coloured green on the map) comprised of the Hall and 200 acres of land including farms, plantations and lodges. Buried in one of the lawns in the pleasure grounds what was thought to be the historic remains of Saint Thomas, Earl of Lancaster who was beheaded in 1432. The original stone coffin was excavated in March 1882 from Paper Mill Field near Fairy Hill (lot 14) and re-interred at Fryston Hall at the request of Mrs Milne.

Lot 2 (coloured pink) is now part of the site of Fryston Country Trails the footpaths also reach beyond Lots 3, 4 and 5 which is the Skew Bridge area of Wheldon Lane into Castleford.

Lot 6 (purple) covers the Redhill area.

Lot 7 (yellow) Castleford Park, and Lot 8 (blue) the Limestone quarries off Holywell Lane, Glasshoughton.

Lot 9 (brown) is the land off Spittal Hardwick Lane, and Lot 10 (purple) Toll Hill.

Lots 11 through 23, cover the Sheepwalk Lane and Townville area.

Lot 24 (brown) is the Strangland Lane area in Ferrybridge.

Lots 25 through to 32 are all situated in the Ferrybridge area near to the Golden Lion Pub and the River Bridge. Lot 32 (yellow) was known as Wentcliff Mill, which was a stone built four storey Mill with access off Ferrybridge Road.

Lots 33 through to 39 were all situated around the Pontefract Castle and Baghill Station and Cobblers Lane area of Pontefract.

Below is a video with Rob Clarkson, the owner of this map. He gives a brief description about the map and also shares his own stories of Fryston.

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