Jack Hulme

During Jack Hulme's life he took more than 10, 000 photographs of the people of Fryston going about their everyday business.

It wasn't until the late 1980s, a short time before his death in 1990, that his photograph collection was discovered - for the 60 years he had been taking photographs he had been storing them in biscuit tins.

Jack was the village barber, he had been injured early on in life so was unable to work as a miner. Jack's wife Rose bought him a Leica camera and from then on he also became the village photographer, in and out of people's houses, recording their lives in a way that other artists and photographers never achieved.

Speaking to BBC Yorkshire in 1987 Jack Hulme said: "I took photographs of life in Fryston as I saw it. I loved taking photos. That was my hobby. I didn't gamble, smoke or drink, or any of these habits you spend your money on but the camera was my best friend...I'll be taking photos to the day I die. It's been my great love."

The Jack Hulme collection of photographs has gained respect and people have said it's the greatest reflection of northern life in the mid 1900s, he may not be as renowned as other artists such as Lowry but Jack Hulme will always be 'world famous round here'.
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